Vegan? We’ve got You Covered

When we opened the first Taco Ocho back in 2011 in Richardson, the plan was to only sell eight tacos, eight tortas, and eight tostadas.  Hence the name “Taco Ocho”. Ocho, means eight in Spanish (for non spanish speakers).

On that original taco menu, we didn’t offer a single vegan or vegetarian taco.   And it’s strange, because we had eight vegetarian tostadas on the menu when we first opened.

Unfortunately, Tostadas didn’t really sell too well, and at that same time we opened that first store in Richardson… son was getting married, and his fiance was really into eating vegan/vegetarian food (she still is).  So on those slow days at the restaurant we started making some vegan/vegetarian tacos and testing them with staff and some customers that were regulars and they liked them!

We started out with a couple at first.  The Rico Ocho and the Pura Vida. Black beans, potatoes, and plantains make the base of the Rico Ocho. Onions, jicama, and cabbage add some crunch, and it’s all topped with cilantro and a zippy chili sauce.  The Pura Vida starts with black beans, guacamole, and sweet plantains. Cilantro, red onions, and spinach add freshness, and serrano peppers will wake up your taste buds.

And, they started selling……and customers started posting about them on Instagram which was pretty cool.  It’s been really nice to hear what our customers have said about them. It was also super nice to get noticed in the Dallas Observer back in 2018 for having some of the best vegan tacos in town.  Especially since all our locations are in the Dallas suburbs: Richardson, Flower Mound and Frisco.

What customers have really liked about them was they weren’t the typical “vegan” taco you get at most mexican restaurants - a taco with beans and guacamole (certainly tasty - but pretty simple).

So these days we have expanded our vegan and vegetarian offerings.  We have five vegan tacos, a vegan quesadilla and a salad. We also have quite a few vegetarian options that can be converted to vegan too.  Take a look at below or click on this link for our menu.

Also, remember if you’re on a budget you should totally visit us on Taco Tuesday.  You can get two vegan tacos for only $5.25 all day at our Richardson, Flower Mound and Frisco stores.  We hope to see you soon!



  • RANCHERO Black beans, roasted potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, elote, tortilla strips in a ranchero jalapeño sauce, flour tortilla

  • RICO OCHO Black beans, plantains, potatoes, chili sauce, onions, jicama, green & red cabbage, cilantro, flour tortilla

  • PURA VIDA Black beans, lettuce, guacamole, plantains, cilantro, red onions, serrano peppers, spinach, flour tortilla

  • MADRE TIERRA Kale, sweet corn, red bell pepper, potatoes and red onions sautéed in a Uruguayan sauce, corn tortilla

  • OCHO MAYA Zucchini, corn, red onions, poblanos, red bell peppers, flour tortilla


  • SWEET POTATOES & BLACK BEAN - Black bean spread, sweet potatoes, roasted corn and cilantro topped with guajillo-tamarind drizzle


  • KALE & MANGO  Kale tossed in an agave-citrus dressing and topped with diced mango and roasted pepitas

Guacamole & Chips



  • ENSALADA OCHO Romaine and iceberg lettuce, roasted corn, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, avocado slices, tortilla strips, chipotle or plain ranch dressing


  • YUCATAN  Potatoes, poblanos, corn, red onions, black bean spread, sour cream, cotija cheese

  • AZTECA Black bean spread, guacamole, lettuce, pico de gallo, queso fresco, cilantro crema

  • CARIBBEAN Plantains, black bean spread, rice, salsa, shredded lettuce, sour cream


  • SPINACH & BLACK BEAN Black beans, spinach, roasted corn, poblanos, red bell peppers and zucchini


  • Grilled Veggie Nachos - House-made chips, cheese, pico de gallo, jalapeños sour cream, with Grilled Veggies