What is a Torta? - A Mexican Sandwich!

We get asked lots of times what a Torta is, and we tell our customers to think of it as a Mexican Sandwich or a taco in sandwich form.  

If you look up what a Torta is on Wikipedia it has a lot of different meanings depending on country. For example in Spain the word torta is used for sweet cakes.  But in good old Mexico, a Torta is a Sandwich. Those are the Tortas we have at Taco Ocho. We sell Torta’s because they are a super good and really filling. 

If you go to Mexico, Torta’s are sold everywhere from street vendors to soccer games to restaurants.  They are considered a portable food in Mexico, but over here we serve them on a plate. 

At Taco Ocho all of our tortas are grilled on fresh bolillo bread and served with chips and salsa.   Bolillo bread is kinda like a french baguette, but shorter and more rounded with a crunchy crust and super soft on the inside.   

You can practically put anything in a torta and it will taste pretty good.  Some tortas are made cold, but we prefer the hot ones. At Taco Ocho, we have four different tortas on the menu daily.  In the future we might offer a vegan or a veggie one.

CHICKEN TINGA Smoked chipotle chicken, roasted adobe corn, avocado, lettuce, black bean spread, queso fresco, jalapeño aioli

TRIPLETA Puerto Rican braised beef, pulled pork, shredded chicken, avocado slices, jalapeño aioli

CUBANA Pork, ham, chorizo, pickled jalapeños, spicy mustard, Oaxaca cheese

CUSCO Peruvian stir-fried steak, potatoes, sautéed red onions, cilantro, jalapeño aioli

Our most popular Torta’s are the Cusco and Cubana.  If you haven’t ever tried a torta before start with either one of these.  We do Torta Thursdays  and you can get a Torta with chips and salsa at our Richardson, Flower Mound and Frisco stores for only $6.99 (dine in only).