Where is the closest Pint NIght? That’s easy Taco Ocho Flower Mound!!

When I opened the third Taco Ocho in Flower Mound, I wanted to make sure we had a larger bar area.  The other Taco Ocho’s, really don’t have a large bar area for customers just to come and relax and meet other locals.  

So the bar idea worked out pretty well at Flower Mound, and we have regular customers that come in and it’s good to know these customers on a more personal level.  It is nice to see them come in weekly. 

Anyway if you have been to the Flower Mound store, you know we have a decent number of local craft beers on tap.  Typically we have something from Deep Ellum, Revolver and Martin House as well as some other local favorites. We try to do our best representing the local breweries and featuring what customers like.  

At one point, Micheal (the manager of the Flower Mound store - we call him Hutsell) suggested we start a Pint Night.  Hutsell loves beer and he visits all the local breweries in his spare time. If you have been to his apartment he has a very good selection of Pint glasses from all the local breweries.  

He was like, why don’t we have a monthly Pint Night, so folks in Flower Mound don’t have to drive so far to try something new.   So we tried it in November 2018 and have more or less had a monthly Pint Night after that. We typically hold our Pint NIghts on Wednesday night from 6pm - 9pm so customers can unwind during middle of the week.  So far we have featured a pretty good list of breweries and are always looking to try someone new in the area. Here is a list of the breweries we have had so far: 

  • Peticolas Brewing Company (2x)

  • Community Beer Company 

  • Deep Ellum Brewing Company 

  • Martin House Brewing Company 

  • Rahr & Sons Brewing Company 

It’s been really nice to see our local customers come in for Pint Nights as well as some new customers that are Hop Heads.  Since we aren’t a huge restaurant, customers get to meet each other pretty good over some tacos and beer ...and the breweries really get to meet some of the customers on a more personal level.  It’s super cool when some of these breweries give out passes to their breweries to learn more about the products. 

Anyway we hope to keep Pint Night going once a month at our Flower Mound location.