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So, you got to place the big Catering Order?

What to ask Before placing a Catering Order. 

We have all been there before, you have to get that lunch catered for the office. Happens to all of us.  Either you are having a client come to the office for a meeting...or you got one of those marathon meetings that stretches through the lunch time.  

Here at Taco Ocho, we can totally help you make sure you don’t lose bonus points for taking care of the catering.  We can do breakfast, lunch and dinner catering as well as custom catering for parties and weddings. Our three restaurants in  Flower Mound, Richardson, and Frisco routinely cater to large and small companies, PTAs and neighborhood HOAs

Below are some questions you should ask your team before placing a catering order.  This will ensure that you covered all the bases.  

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What is a Torta? - A Mexican Sandwich!

We get asked lots of times what a Torta is, and we tell our customers to think of it as a Mexican Sandwich or a taco in sandwich form.  

If you look up what a Torta is on Wikipedia it has a lot of different meanings depending on country. For example in Spain the word torta is used for sweet cakes.  But in good old Mexico, a Torta is a Sandwich. Those are the Tortas we have at Taco Ocho. We sell Torta’s because they are a super good and really filling. 

If you go to Mexico, Torta’s are sold everywhere from street vendors to soccer games to restaurants.  They are considered a portable food in Mexico, but over here we serve them on a plate. 

At Taco Ocho all of our tortas are grilled on fresh bolillo bread and served with chips and salsa.   Bolillo bread is kinda like a french baguette, but shorter and more rounded with a crunchy crust and super soft on the inside.   

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Where is the closest Pint NIght? That’s easy Taco Ocho Flower Mound!!

When I opened the third Taco Ocho in Flower Mound, I wanted to make sure we had a larger bar area.  The other Taco Ocho’s, really don’t have a large bar area for customers just to come and relax and meet other locals.  

So the bar idea worked out pretty well at Flower Mound, and we have regular customers that come in and it’s good to know these customers on a more personal level.  It is nice to see them come in weekly. 

Anyway if you have been to the Flower Mound store, you know we have a decent number of local craft beers on tap.  Typically we have something from Deep Ellum, Revolver and Martin House as well as some other local favorites. We try to do our best representing the local breweries and featuring what customers like.  

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Vegan? We’ve got You Covered

When we opened the first Taco Ocho back in 2011 in Richardson, the plan was to only sell eight tacos, eight tortas, and eight tostadas.  Hence the name “Taco Ocho”. Ocho, means eight in Spanish (for non spanish speakers).

On that original taco menu, we didn’t offer a single vegan or vegetarian taco.   And it’s strange, because we had eight vegetarian tostadas on the menu when we first opened.

Unfortunately, Tostadas didn’t really sell too well, and at that same time we opened that first store in Richardson… son was getting married, and his fiance was really into eating vegan/vegetarian food (she still is).  So on those slow days at the restaurant we started making some vegan/vegetarian tacos and testing them with staff and some customers that were regulars and they liked them!

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