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Vegan? We’ve got You Covered

When we opened the first Taco Ocho back in 2011 in Richardson, the plan was to only sell eight tacos, eight tortas, and eight tostadas.  Hence the name “Taco Ocho”. Ocho, means eight in Spanish (for non spanish speakers).

On that original taco menu, we didn’t offer a single vegan or vegetarian taco.   And it’s strange, because we had eight vegetarian tostadas on the menu when we first opened.

Unfortunately, Tostadas didn’t really sell too well, and at that same time we opened that first store in Richardson… son was getting married, and his fiance was really into eating vegan/vegetarian food (she still is).  So on those slow days at the restaurant we started making some vegan/vegetarian tacos and testing them with staff and some customers that were regulars and they liked them!

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